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Overcome Fear-Just Simple As It Is!

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Happy New Year!Hopefully you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season.One that reignited the fire inside you to hit the ground running.  To start executing your plans with a whole new commitment and passion.And I’ve got a special Post  for you today.

And it was all about… a Issue which I read this afternoon in my email Inbox send by Rich Schefren, I highly Inspired after reading this which is essential to read before we start a new work this year.


It may seem a little strange starting off a brand new year – full of hope and optimism – talking about something as dark and debilitating as fear.  But there’s a reason I chose it.Our fears are truly one of the most destructive forces we face in our lives and our businesses.  And I believe we all always need to be on guard for when they may strike.There are two key areas where our fears lie in wait to sabotage your all your efforts.One area to embrace and one to break free from.

So let’s start the year off by facing down and banishing all your doubts and fears…

I Got an E- Mail in which there is an issue about fear. I am so Impressed by reading it. So as a respect to this great management guru and entrepreneur to share and learn to overcome fear. This really helps believe me

Two Hidden Stumbling Blocks
To Conquering Your Fears
 By Rich Schefren

It was my mentor who said he loves obstacles because that’s where he leaves his competitors behind.But in my experience, that’s where most who buckle from fear tend to stop. At the obstacle.Instead of confronting it and doing great things, entrepreneurs get frozen by fear.You see, there are two ways really of dealing with that fear ultimately. One is passive; the other one is active. When you’re in the passive mode, you seek to avoid situations that cause you anxiety.  This translates into postponing decisions.  It could mean for opting for something safe and comfortable in your life in an effort to avoid chaos or possibly bigger risks.

Now as someone who wants to be an

-take steps to overcome-dealing the situation which is difficult or risk

or someone who’s already a successful entrepreneur, you’ve already taken certain steps beyond that. What will determine how successful you are, is how far beyond that passive, constrained-by-fear approach can you get.

If you take the active approach of dealing with fear, you face it and take steps to overcome it.  I’m sure everyone reading this has had the experience of actually overcoming a fear in their lives.  Of acting on something they thought was a difficult or a risky decision or dealing with situation that was thrust upon them.

Facing your fears will surprise you

More often than not when you’ve found that inner strength, you were most likely surprised that what you feared wasn’t so bad.It’s moments like those that are oddly therapeutic because you realize you need to give yourself a lot more credit than you’re probably giving yourself right now.You can always control how you respond to events and what you think about them.I’m not saying be Pollyannic – thinking that everything bad is good – because it’s not.  But “bad” presents challenges that give you the opportunity to rise above them.

You have to choose to confront fear. That is the only way that you can ultimately thrive. There are no obstacles that can stand in the way of a person who is not afraid to go through them. That’s the physics of being fearless and that is what every successful entrepreneur shares.

Embrace your uniqueness to overcome your fear

Now, a couple of areas where I see that that is a challenge for most people is one, embracing their uniqueness.You see from my perspective, the greatest fear people have is that of being themselves. They always want to be someone else. They want to do what everyone else does even if it doesn’t fit who and where they are.But you never get anywhere that way. And even worse, you end up running away from the one thing that makes you different – that you can build a successful business around.You know, we’re social creatures so it’s absolutely natural.  It’s a default response for us to want to fit in with the people around us, with the norms of the group. Underneath is a deep fear that sticking out, following our own path no matter what people think of us is too risky.

But if you can breakthrough this fear, you can get so much further. And if you look at the people that you admire and respect the most, odds are they all have this in common.

And one way that I like to just kind of remind myself always is that our days here are numbered.  At the end of the day, no one lives forever so you have to make the most of every moment. It sounds cliché, but you have to make every moment count.

You need to have a sense of urgency about life, about the actions that you need to take in your business, about the impact that you want to have. When you feel that urgency and embrace the usual fears you encounter, you realize that by trying so hard to please other people, you can actually end up pushing them away.  You don’t really fulfill your destiny. You have sacrificed something that is actually a part of you.

That’s what my Business Growth System is all about.  Building a business around who you are, your uniqueness. About what you bring to the table that you can leverage.

One more factor that can create fear

So let’s kind of talk about how you go about getting over the constraints of fear.But before we get into that though, I want to highlight one other aspect of feat.  One where it operates under the surface and can potentially rear its ugly head when it can do the most harm.That’s dependency.I believe that dependency is a habit that is so easy for anyone to acquire. Today our culture offers all kind of crutches: experts to turn to; drugs that can “cure” any psychological unease; diversions to help us pass time; jobs that keep you just above water; someone who will tell you the exact steps to follow…  It’s very hard to resist those things.

But the problem is that once you give in, it’s like voluntarily entering a prison that you can never leave.  That’s because you risk continually looking outwards for help. And ultimately that limits your options and your ability to maneuver and grow and build.

It’s not necessarily that people are weak or lazy or anything like that, but more accurately it’s that we’re too trusting in others. And we’re too trusting in a future that somehow is going to bring us a good thing. That dependency on those things allows us to avoid the fact that at times, things are tough.  It limits out ability to be realistic at other times.  To deal with things that anyone who’s grown up in a tough environment or anyone who has had major setbacks has had to get through.

I hope you are ready to overcome and eliminate fear.Lets Face it , Just simple as it is!

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